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  • Ash Boucher

Corporate Holiday Soiree

Cue the lounge vignettes!

The Mellon Auditorium isn't just the perfect spot for a fully seated gala for hundreds (although it for sure is). The large open space, set within the grand walls and surrounded by sweeping columns, is a stunner spot for events geared towards mingling. Corporate holiday parties are destined for success in this venue, where there's plenty of space for guests to let their hair down (and maybe showcase their superb dancing skills).

Plush seating arrangements encourage guests to embrace a less formal vibe, and also allow for good people watching of the dance floor. Food stations can be strategically placed around the perimeters of the space to allow guests the opportunity to sample a wide variety of delicious treats, and having multiple options allows for inclusive menus that feature delicious offerings for all types of dietary preferences. Perhaps one of the most fun ideas, however, is to include passed trays that feature seasonal food & cocktail pairings, which feel both intentional and special.

For this corporate party, a statement bar is set in a prime location and offers 360 degree service to help alleviate lines, and add to the fun. Ridgewells Catering offered a full mixed bar, as well as seasonal specialty cocktails and mocktails.

Ready to book your holiday event? Contact us today to chat about your vision!

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